Creation of marketing strategies

What is the current situation of the brand, what is the current target group, competitive advantages and weaknesses, are we well-positioned with regard to prices? Are these questions you don’t have a clear answer to? We will find out all of this for you and create a marketing strategy concept which will bring success to your brand both on the domestic and foreign markets.

Content realisation/PR

We want to tell your brand’s story through quality content which will intrigue your target group, make connections and achieve success on the market. Quality content is a way of learning, connecting and sharing.

Different marketing goals demand different communication channels and tools. Your goals are probably attracting new customers, brand awareness or perhaps better sales results… Don’t worry, we will come up with the appropriate strategy and channel for achieving your goals.

Web design

Complete digital and content marketing in one place. Research, planning, realisation and analysis with an expert team of experienced marketers, designers and programmers.

Graphic design

New visual identity, redesign of products which have been on the shelves for years, rebranding, publication, advertisement, packaging and illustration design are just some of the services we are ready to provide in the middle of the night.

Digital advertising

Digital advertising is something without which there is no conversion. We successfully master attribution measurement models and custom segmentation variables. In this way we decide which models and channels to activate and use with the goal of achieving top campaign results.

Measurability and conversions are the main characteristics of digital marketing – you always know how much you’re spending and what you’re getting in return. Through the service of digital advertising you get a clear overview of all campaign activities which best suit your business.

Facebook, Google Adwords, Newsletter, Midas Network, Banners, PR.

Lease of other media

When we join together the trend of the mobility of modern society and the ever-growing amount of time spent in vehicles, cafés and waiting rooms with a sufficient capacity of free attention, we come to detect the need for outdoor and other forms of advertising on different platforms such as printed media, radio and television.

  • TV
  • Radio
  • Outdoor
  • Printed media


Without high-quality analysis there is no successfully created concept. We continually measure, optimise and adjust in order to ensure the best possible end results. Your story must reach the right customer at the right time in order to make their life better and more successful.


Good organisation, punctuality, methodicalness, self-initiative, independence and good team work skills are characteristics an individual and a team must have when the goal is to organise a successful event. With each new event in our organisation we show that we are well up to the task, but we’d better let our clients, the media and the public answer this question.




IT management i security sustavi

Kompletan IT management i intranet/internet security sustavi, programirani loyalty sustavi uz prediktivne analitičke modele za B2B i B2C sektor.


Digital strategy and visual communication agency


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