How to increase sales with digital advertising

If you want to keep your business a secret known only to you, then you surely won’t find a place for digital marketing and advertising on social networks in your business. Research done by Google has shown a new trend of forming consumers’ perception about a product or service based on digital research and collecting information. Well-planned digital advertising will direct customer thoughts precisely in the direction you desire.

We meet the term digital marketing every day. Colleagues, media and friends talk about it. It has become the basis of success of every company, regardless of its type of business, product and service availability or size.

Digital marketing is hard to define in a single sentence, as opposed to other forms of advertising, since it is susceptible to changes and the daily advancement of technology.

When we speak of its purpose, to put it shortly, well-planned digital marketing is just a click away from getting a customer. The basic messages of a good digital campaign have to be short and interesting to the buyers, regardless of the type of business sector. A picture is worth a thousand words, and combined with the right text with psychological triggers it makes a magical potion for a call to the customer’s action.

The action can be a purchase if we are dealing with a web shop, going to the store if we are dealing with physical distribution sites or a click by which a customer arrives at your website.

According to research from behavioural economics, the first impression a customer gets about a brand or product is created precisely through the first contact with your website. It is of utmost importance that it is made in accordance with the customer’s psychological characteristics and that it contains triggers that encourage activity.

During the browsing of websites with different resolutions on devices like monitors and mobile phones, it is necessary that your website is technologically advanced because the customer will get an impression of the benefits and advantages of a product precisely based on the functionality and achievements of the website.

Digital advertising is in most cases in the service of increasing sales. Choosing a digital advertising channel varies according to the goals you want to achieve. Digital marketing mix mostly takes place on social networks, portals, portal networks and Google Adwords – but not every instance of it is successful.

The success of a digital campaign depends on a proper distribution of resources per channel of the distribution of a message, and more importantly, on the message you’re sending itself. A big advantage of digital campaigns is that they can be measured in real time and you can change your message interactively.

Through the methods of communication enabled by digital marketing the potentials owned by a company turn into results, which is the basic purpose of business.

Basic features of digital marketing:

  • digital marketing gives everyone a chance
  • more economical than traditional marketing
  • enables greater income
  • constant interaction with the target audience
  • reaches every type of technology
  • builds trust with customers


The key of the success of your business lies in always being in step with trends and three steps ahead of the competition, which can be realised only with the use of display marketing channels, mobile marketing, social marketing and affiliate marketing.

These terms may not be the most familiar to you, but there is no cause for worry because we are giving you a voucher in the amount of 700 HRK for setting up and managing your company’s campaign.

The secret skills of advanced advertising and campaign budget optimisation are our daily job and we are happy to share them with you.

Here is something about us:

  • Our job is to increase your sales.
  • Our tools are design, programming and marketing concepts with psychological triggers for influencing consumers.
  • Our communication channels are digital media.


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