A customer gets their first impression of you by looking at your website’s design and technology

It’s easier to break an atom than an already formed opinion, as Albert Einstein said a long time ago. In its research Google captured the trend of forming a zero-point impression about a product based on surfing the Internet, with a personal contact with a company’s representative or product coming after it. This means that a company’s credibility or a product’s quality is judged precisely based on the impression customers get while surfing its website and collecting information about the product while they’re actually still not thinking about buying it.

Each of us at least once a day finds themselves in the situation of using the Internet to search for a product or service. Not so long ago a recommendation from a friend, an advertisement in the newspaper or yellow pages was enough. The trend of Internet use in recent years has the biggest consumption growth than any other product or service.

Internet presence has become mandatory for all smaller, medium and large companies, as well as artisans. According to the latest research from behavioural economics, the credibility of a company and the quality of products and services is assessed by visitors based on the design and functionality of their website. Behavioural economics deals with the questions of customer habits, their understanding and making the decision to choose a certain product or service.

Technologies change from month to month – solutions that are the top of technological achievements today will become unattractive and uninteresting in a maximum of two years. The world is changing fast, technologies are advancing, and customers are also changing their preferences mostly based on perceptions formed from searching the Internet. All of this has to be kept in mind while planning a website.

Recognising how a website should look doesn’t only depend on the current behaviour of customers who are already using your product. Investing in a good design and latest web technology is primary for the purpose of increasing sales and attracting new customers. This means that the primary focus is the understanding of the market sector needs combined with knowing the habits and preferences of your customers. Only then do we get to technological trends and designer achievements because art alone won’t sell your product or service.

Trends determine a website’s look and functionality. Investing in a website that follows trends and is attractive enough to overpower the competition is investing in the future of the company’s successful business. Skills in controlling the consumer, understanding psychographic and sociographic characteristics of the target group, understanding the advantages and disadvantages of a product, background video, Cinemagraphs animations, big images, CTA’s are just some of the items you must definitely consider if your goals are branding and increasing sales.

A professionally created website will let your potential customers know that you are a serious and reputable company they can trust. It is of crucial importance to adjust every segment of your site regarding design and technology to the psychological characteristics of your current and future customers.

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